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Our Story

Foster Guardian was founded in 2018 by two foster parents who realized early on in their journey the great disparity between the number of children who needed homes and the number of homes available for those children. There simply weren’t enough homes.

Over the years, Foster Guardian’s goal has remained a simple one: to create homes for every orphan. We consider orphans to be any child who does not have a Safe, Loving, and Permanent home.


One of the key ways to prevent trauma is to equip parents to better care for their children in order to prevent the children from being removed and to improve their quality of life.


The main reason there are not enough homes for children in need is because 50% of new foster parents quit within the first year. We believe we can drastically reduce that percentage and retain quality foster parents by providing them adequate support. Support is not only resources and training, but is encouragement as well.


We are gathering and utilizing objective and current information to identify problems within the system of care and creating innovative solutions to address these problems.

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Our Purpose

We exist to help vulnerable children by supporting caregivers, improving the system of care, and preventing trauma.

Our Mission

To create homes for every orphan.

Our Vision

To see every child living in a Safe, Loving, and Permanent home


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Erin mead

Co Founder

Erin mead

Co Founder

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