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About the Family Advocates Program

Do you want to impact a child’s (and family’s) life?

Many people want to help children who need a home, but are not necessary ready or able to adopt or foster.

If that sounds like you, we have the perfect opportunity for you!

Caregivers who open up their homes to children need support! They need someone who checks in on them to make sure they’re doing okay and someone who they can call if the going gets tough. 

We train passionate people like you on how to best partner with caregivers through encouragement, support, and advocacy. We give you the tools (and backup!) to be able to help them when they most need.

With just a few hours a month, you can impact a family’s life by relieving stress and anxiety while giving the caregivers the encouragement and support they need to keep inviting children into their home, rather than becoming burnt-out, traumatized, and end up closing their home to the children who desperately need a loving place to call home.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Long Does the Process Take?

Once selected to become a Family Advocate, you will receive 2 days of classroom training before you’re partnered with a mentor and begin seeing what it’s like to be a Family Advocate first hand.

Depending on scheduling, this could be a couple weeks to a couple months before you’re assigned your family.

What commitment is required?

We ask that each Family Advocate has one active family (has a child or accepting placements) whom they are responsible for supporting.

Typically, you’ll need a couple hours once a month to checkin on your family. However, some thing will warrant extra care, like just after received a child and when they have court hearings, so you may need to see them multiple times in a month.

How is this different form the Guardian ad Litem Program?

The Guardian ad Litem program is wonderful but has some key differences:

Guardian ad Litems (GALs) primary responsibility is a legal relationship to the child only. After getting to know a child, a GAL is asked to be their voice in court, along with standing up for the child in regards to all things case management.

Family Advocates primary responsibility is a personal relationship, in order to support children and their caregivers. They get to know the family and guide them through their often diverse journey. 

Have a different question?

We’d love to hear form you!

If you have a question or want to talk to us about the Family Advocates Program or something else, please call us at 813-682-1800 or send us a message at our CONTACT page.

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